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Crocheters have loads of abbreviations that we use in patterns. SC is Single Crochet. DC is Double Crochet. WIP…that’s Work In Progress. I saw a meme this week that had a creative list of abbreviations that started off reasonable and then just got silly.

PIGS. Projects In Grocery Sacks. This one got me thinking. Why do I have so many projects in different stages of completion? UFOs…Unfinished Objects. PHD…Projects Half Done. It must be common since we have so many slang terms for procrastination.

Sometimes I delay finishing a project because I don’t have all of the supplies. Sometimes I’m busy with work or family and have to prioritize. Mostly, I stop to overthink and slam on the brakes. The project gets hermetically sealed in a gallon-size zipper bag. There are too many PIGS in my craft room closet.

Here’s an example. I have a long-time friend who had a beautiful wedding that would inspire any maker to create. So I made an announcement on Instagram that I was putting the bride and groom on my hook. You know, to hold myself accountable.

Legs of bride and groom

Now it’s been over 3 months. And the dolls are not done. I literally think about them every day. I have all of the supplies. Some parts are finished. But I’m stuck out of fear the dolls won’t be perfect. The eyes, the dress, that gorgeous Ankara print jacket. I don’t want to disappoint by making the bride doll too thick. Or too skinny. Or offend their culture with my interpretation of the wax print fabric. The yarn has limits, even if my creative vision doesn’t.

So I set them aside and I start another project that I’m more confident and comfortable with. Something that I know I can finish without thinking too much. I’m still busy, still making, still productive. So I don’t feel lazy. Waiting for my cro-jo to kick back in.

This Fall the design world caught up to my procrastination, and Allison Hoffman designed a Kamala Harris doll. It’s perfect. I can use the basic pattern to finish my bride doll that is patiently waiting in the project bag beside skeins of white, orange and cocoa yarn. The eyes with lashes, the smile, even the hair of Yarn Kamala are just what I need to finish this bride doll.

So in this case, my pro-CRAFT-ination was a good thing. The Universe is helping me move this project from PIGS to WIP by showing me a way to a beautiful bride doll.

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