My First Blog Post!

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I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was 7.  I’ve dabbled in quilting, basket making, apparel sewing, but I landed on crochet!  It is portable, colorful, and it has a cool secret code.  I’m hooked!

Back in 2011, I opened my Etsy shop, The Yarn Squad.  I really didn’t know what to do with it. It was just a place holder, I guess, for the future that I am now ready to make happen.

At the time of this writing, I’ve crocheted almost 100 dolls and almost as many baby blankets. But the busy work of hand crochet is slowly being replaced in my 2 year plan with learning and action.   I’m studying for my certification in crochet instruction, starting The Yarn Squad blog complete with interviews of must-follow creatives, writing my own patterns, and developing a business plan for creatives and makers of all kinds.

My family is involved with every aspect of The Yarn Squad. My sister and niece are my website designers, my daughter is my Consultant of Techy Stuff, and my husband is Director of Visuals. He’s also my student for my certification. That alone should be worth a few blog posts!

I thank you for taking the time to learn about me and The Yarn Squad. Now go get your yarn and do “just one more row”!

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